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Time waits for no man…

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Last Updated: 09/07/2015  
Tags: Property_Sales_Developments_Overview_Onthemarket_Mansiontax_Stampduty

As the fog of sleep deprivation lifted, I returned from Maternity to discover our blog was also ‘overdue’ and life as I’d know it no longer existed!

The furious juggernaut of mass block viewings had ceased, to be replaced with a more civilised market where you might just get a second viewing!

City road was now a towering sea of glass, as yet another development laid its foundations and started its ascent up. Yet more developers set up pitch consuming every last inch of sq footage possible in town. Hard to believe we still have a shortage of property, but we do, and that is what is keeping prices mirroring the dizzy heights of these new tower blocks.

As we entered an election, the potential Mansion Tax, Labour proposed, saturated the headlines. Buyers and sellers held their breath, sighing in collective relief as they narrowly avoided another tax.

There was the change in Stamp Duty. After a lifetime of one system I felt like someone wrestling with the current conversion trend: oz’s or grams, cm or inches, tuppence or pence?  Maybe it was baby brain...either way here it is again for anyone who similarly struggles with this affliction.

• nothing on the first £125,000 of the property price
• 2% on the next £125,000
• 5% on the next £675,000
• 10% on the next £575,000
• 12% on the rest (above £1.5 million)

Then there was the launch of the new property portal; On the Market. Oh the kerfuffle... Initial resistance seemed to be over the inconvenience of having to click elsewhere but remember, they were all ‘the new site on the block’ at one point. Generally we don’t like any company to have a monopoly, same thing applies here. As for supposed lack of exposure, any estate agent will still have links to one of the big boys, so anyone looking to buy WILL find your property. Promise.

Personally, I think we ought to give them a chance, so far they’ve been very good and maybe in a year’s time it will be everyone’s first port of call.

Fyfe Mcdade, also changed. Notice the gap, we figured it might help pronunciation. Plus suddenly everyone was giving birth, currently we have 3 Fyfe babies. 2 boys and a girl and all within 6 months of each other! We’ve seen new Managers, promotions within, additional sales negotiators and now the opening of a new office, south of the river in Waterloo, SE1.

I close my eyes and wonder if it’s all a dream, but my phone suddenly starts to ring again as my baby traverses across the floor, at lightning speed, to try and chew the vibrating object. Having wrestled the salvia covered phone from his clutches, I answer the phone to the dulcet tones of my MD.


‘Haven’t you written that blog yet!’

Time sure doesn’t wait for no man, or woman, we just have to run with it.