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Why Choose Us?

If your friend or neighbour was an estate agent and you asked them for advice, you know they’d give you an honest, professional, informed opinion. We are no different - we live in your area, we support your local businesses and we are part of your community, so we wouldn’t want to give you anything but accurate advice and an honest outlook on the property market. We are au fait with historic sales and rental figures and understand how best to maximise the value of your property because we live and breathe it.

Our four Central London shop fronts are located on the edges of the City of London in busy residential, business and retail districts, resulting in a diverse range of customers coming through our doors. By cross selling and letting from these offices and by servicing the residential, commercial and new homes sectors of the property market, we cast a much wider net than many other agents can.

We retain one of the UK’s top five independent PR agencies and our properties are regularly featured in the local, national and international press. Combined with an expansive web presence, regular local advertising and a loud voice on Social Media, we will bring a greater number of potential purchasers or tenants to your property, which ultimately helps us to achieve the maximum price, for you the client.


We are different from most estate agents because our focus is on professionalism and customer service, not the hard sell. So, if you’d like a friendly, informative and objective chat about your property and the service we can offer, why not invite us round, we’d be only too happy to oblige.