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Huddleston Road, Tufnell Park, London N7

Published: 30/04/2020

“As a homeowner in Tufnell Park, picking the right estate agent is a tricky proposition as there is no obvious dominant local agent, and none of the larger agencies have local offices there. Its a relatively small low profile area, and many of the agents seemed too focused on comparables of what had been achieved locally, but refreshingly Fyfe Mcdade came along and ignored the comparables and gave me a value based on what they thought the house should be worth in the context of the Greater London market instead, and then proved it in a matter of weeks !
Their approach to the marketing was professional and no-nonsense. There was no hard sell to me as the vendor, and instead they focused on identifying genuine buyers who could perform and advised me to focus on ability to perform first and then price. As it happens, they delivered on both, getting the highest bidder to perform in a timely manner and setting a new record price for the terraced houses in the area. Needless to say I was extremely happy with the service and the result, and would recommend them to any other vendors in the area.”

Nick Fox, Tufnell Park